In 2008 Thomas Laxholm owner of Laxholm Furniture started his business in Furniture trading.
Continuous communication with his customers enable him to absorb what they expected.
His desire to make the customer satisfied lead him to the idea to produce his own furniture.
In 2011, choosing Java Island where teak wood can be easily found as the plant site , Laxholm Furniture began manufacturing and exporting Garden Furniture and Teak Tiles.
As a consequence of our exciting clients demands for us to expand our expertise to indoor furniture we started production of indoor furniture in 2011
Now we have 3 production sites in Solo City with capacity of 12 Containers per month .
As we believe that direct dialogue is the best result, we welcome you to our showroom and main office in Solo on the island of Java.Thank you for considering our products. We really value your business, and will do our best to make you a satisfied customer. We look forward to doing business with you.Thomas and his team in Laxholm furniture